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The Problem.

"How might we run a gym in times of coronavirus."

Primer Academy

People are not able to come anymore thus they need to close down the gym, with all the consequences.


They are not able to go to the gym anymore as they are stuck at home and cannot sport like before.

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The solution.

Transform Primer Academy in a renting business offering all its material to their members and digitalising their classical group lessons and coaching to completely online products. All in record time, 72 hours from start to launch.


Of online lessons are fully booked


Of online clients are satisfied


Are recommending Primer to friends
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Hear it from him.

"I knew we needed to do something but I had no idea how and where to start. Luckily I was helped and now I am scaling my online offer."

Jasper Van Oost - CEO & Founder of Primer Academy

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